Exams have come to an end for me, so I am finally able to relax and begin to wrap other things up, like Netflix series and candy. Well, un-wrapping the candy.

None the less, I have been mad busy with beginning to pack and watching Lie to Me on Netflix, which is super addicting. Have you finished it Mary? I am now convinced that I absolutely know when someone is lying to me now, but I am a horrendous liar- so who am to tell?

Speaking of movies, I am just back from seeing Pitch Perfect 2, which was perhaps a smidgen better than the first. The songs were so good and the energy was amazing. I am definitely going to buy the soundtrack now. Anna Kendrick will always be a favorite of mind, I only wish her aca-boyfriend had had a larger role in the film. But, there is a love interest for one of our favorite Aca-men, I shan’t spoil the details however. Tomorrow I am set to go see Mad Max. I am hoping that my low expectations for the movie will be challenged. But, uhm, for the mean time- yay cars?

And on the note of beginning to pack? Let’s just say that fitting your entire life into a suitcase is even harder than it sounds. I have stuffed things into all of the nooks and crannies in my room. Not a clue on how I’m going to fit it all or even find it. I’m already having nightmares about fitting a lampshade into a suitcase… because logic is not my strongest suit perhaps.

I am beginning to look forward to summer. In my head I imagine galloping horses across green fields, bonfires, and all sorts of shenanigans- which will probably only lead to watching Netflix and eating Ben and Jerry’s.

That brings me to an end of this very random blog post, my next one will have a point, promise.